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Christian has shown himself to be an adept UX team leader and an empathetic manager. I’ve always been awed by Christian’s comments and the questions he asked. They were brilliant and on point, showing that he genuinely understands human behavior and business needs.
Milica Spasojevic
Head of Design Ops, Celsius Network

It is such an honor and pleasure to work with Christian. He has special and extremely valuable insight on how to optimize user experience by using user research, data and analytics - and he does so with such grace, speed and efficiency.
Caleah Gregoire
Product Manager, Celsius Network

The best way I can say it: Christian knows his shit. It's not only that he understands design and user research at a deep level, it's that he is obsessed with expanding his knowledge and sharing it with those around him. He knows how to communicate clearly without talking down or overwhelming.
Chris Falkowski
UX Content Manager, Celsius Network

Christian has a rare ability to quickly identify problems in user experience and product. He immediately identified problems in our product’s onboarding process that we needed to solve, the next steps to fix them, and exactly how to measure the result of these changes.
Mark Fershteyn

Christian helped us with user testing; he immediately identified a bunch of problems with our product and onboarding flow, and came up with pragmatic and easy-to-implement ways to improve our funnel.
Alex Krupp
Founder, FWD:Everyone

I'm amazed by Christian's ability across multiple fields. From design to development to marketing. He always asks the right questions to figure out our issues in product positioning and user experience.
Ivan Homola
Founder, Lunadio
Who you'll be working with:
Christian von Uffel
UX Designer & UX Research Manager
Christian von Uffel
  1. led UX research for a crypto finance platform with over one million users
  2. designed websites, web apps, and mobile app features used by millions of people
  3. launched two 6-figure award-winning products
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