Perfecting Product
Fed up with having little to no product-led growth?
With deep customer research, user interviews and testing, we identify the roadblocks standing in your way.
Our process:
Customer Research
We interview your customers and the people on your team who interact with them most to uncover their painpoints, motivations, and how they intersect with your business and product.
User Testing
We create video recordings of ourselves going through your key product experiences and those of your competitors, qualify user testing participants, test your product and prototypes, and analyze the results.
Product Strategy
We use the results of our customer research and user testing to create actionable product strategy that includes refined and updated user flows, product specifications, and product designs.
Who you'll be working with:
Christian von Uffel
Christian von Uffel
Product Leader, Perfecting Product
  1. launched two 6-figure award-winning products
  2. SaaS product & marketing mentor for 5+ years
  3. performed 250+ user interviews
  4. performed 500+ user tests
Alex Krupp
Founder, FWD:Everyone
Christian helped us with user testing; he immediately identified a bunch of problems with our product and onboarding flow, and came up with pragmatic and easy-to-implement ways to improve our funnel.
Mark Fershteyn
Founder, Recapped
Christian has a rare ability to quickly identify problems in customer experience and product. He immediately identified problems in our product’s onboarding process that we needed to solve, the next steps to fix them, and exactly how to measure the result of these changes.
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