Perfecting Product

We know how hard it can be to create software that people will both love and pay for. After years of working with founders to identify the biggest roadblocks getting in the way of creating sustainable product-led growth, we decided to create a name for what we were doing and the services we were offering. Simply put, Perfecting Product exists to help do what its name says, perfect software products. But our idea of perfection might need a little more of an introduction. You see how many people see perfecting a product varies strongly from person to person and stakeholder to stakeholder. And the way each person measures perfection varies as well. We've found over years of working with SaaS companies that there are effective ways to measure perfection, or rather we should say, our relative distance from it. By measuring product dissatisfaction, retention issues such as churn, irregularities in the frequency of product engagement, and lower software product pricing power relative to that of your peers, we identify and prioritize companies biggest product issues. By collecting evidence for these issues and then validating them through the lens of product strategy and software development focused customer research, interviews, and user testing, we provide a narrowly focused service that avoids the typical problems found when either product strategy or customer research services are delivered alone. The result is stronger product engagement, reduced churn, improved customer referral rates, increased pricing power, and lower software development costs. The first principle of our company philosophy: "If you would like to improve something, first ask how you should measure it" The first challenge we help software businesses overcome is measurement. We help businesses measure success and failure, so they can prioritize development and do what work is worth doing.

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