Want to Sell a New Software Product? First, You'll Have to Beat ChatGPT

The launch of ChatGPT has set a new standard for user experience (UX) that all new software products will be judged against. If your new product isn’t easier to use and more useful than ChatGPT, it will likely struggle to gain traction in the market.

The ChatGPT UX Baseline

ChatGPT has raised the bar for what users expect from software in terms of ease of use and utility. With its natural language interface and ability to understand and respond to a wide range of queries, ChatGPT has made interacting with AI feel effortless and intuitive.

This sets a new baseline that all software, especially SaaS products, will be compared against. If your product requires extensive training, has a steep learning curve, or can’t quickly and accurately respond to user needs, it will pale in comparison to the ChatGPT experience.

The Importance of Exceeding Expectations

To succeed in this new landscape, it’s not enough for your SaaS product to merely match the ChatGPT UX. It needs to exceed it in meaningful ways.

This could mean:

Whatever your product’s unique value proposition is, it needs to be compelling enough to make users choose it over the convenience and capability of ChatGPT.

The Future of Software Competition

As AI continues to advance and become more integrated into software products, the competitive landscape for software will only get more challenging. ChatGPT is just the beginning - future AI assistants will likely be even more capable and easier to use.

To stay ahead of the curve, software companies will need to invest heavily in AI and UX design. They’ll need to continuously innovate and iterate to deliver products that aren’t just marginally better than AI assistants, but significantly more valuable for their target users.


ChatGPT has set a new standard for software UX that can’t be ignored. For new SaaS products to succeed in this AI-driven world, they’ll need to offer compelling, differentiated value that goes beyond what users can get from ChatGPT and its inevitable successors. The bar has been raised - now it’s up to software companies to rise to the challenge.

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