The State of AI Search - March 2023

The State of AI Search - March 2023


The introduction of AI into search has been one of the most significant technological advancements of recent years. As the search market continues to grow, AI-powered tools and platforms are becoming more prevalent, offering businesses and consumers the ability to quickly and efficiently find the information they need.

With the search market projected to reach X billion dollars in 2023 and AI-powered search solutions accounting for X% of the market share, we wanted to survey consumers and business owners to better understand their thoughts on this emerging trend.

In this article, we review the results of our study and provide insights into the state of AI-powered search as we move further into 2023.


According to the results of our study, there are concerns among both consumers and business owners regarding the reliability and potential bias of search engine results.

Many people have unanswered questions about the future of AI-powered search, particularly regarding the shift to chat-based interfaces. For example, there is uncertainty about how this change will affect long-term trust in search engine businesses and the visibility of small businesses that rely on organic search traffic.

There are also questions about whether users will eventually tire of using chat-based interfaces, and whether there will be a need for continued innovation in this space to keep users engaged. These findings highlight the need for continued research and development in AI-powered search, as well as increased transparency and accountability from search engine providers to address concerns about bias and reliability.


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The top searchers for "astrology" were:

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Maine New Hampshire Rhode Island Connecticut Massachusetts THE INTERIOR DECORATORS The top searchers for "feng shui" were:

Hawaii Massachusetts Nevada California District of Columbia


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Our study on the State of AI Search was conducted in March 2023, where we surveyed over 200 consumers and business owners to better understand their thoughts on AI-powered search. To ensure the relevance of their answers, respondents were both qualified and disqualified based on their location, previous experience, and business ownership status. We asked a series of questions to gauge their concerns and opinions on the reliability of search engine results, potential bias in search results, and the future of chat-based interfaces. Our methodology aimed to provide a comprehensive overview of the state of AI-powered search in 2023, as perceived by relevant stakeholders in the market.

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